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Kya IPC koi aisi dhara hai jisme likha ho ki orphan ko love ka right nahi ho wo jo kare wo galat hota ye kaise possible hai kuch aisa he hua ek garib orphan ke sath jab uske pass paisa hota us time wahi bachha bahut pyara hota jab uska naukri karta to v theek hota lekin career chala jata wo puchta kyu kiya aisa to jabab milta hum principal wale log hote kaisa principal jab paisa tab koi principal nahi jab paisa khtam to principal ye kaisa principal hai bhai maine aaj tak to aisa koi principal nahi dekha lekin wo bachha kuch aur soch ke chhor deta kyu ki kuch din uske beta bola hota baat itna bad jata ki court tak aata lekin ek garib kya karta jiska sab kuch chala gaya hota career friend baap aise condition me kya karta koi v lekin us bachhe ne God pe yakin kiya aur ye sab god k upar chhor diya pata nahi god usko justice karta ya nahi us bachhe ne baap ko pane k liye religion tak change kiya galti bas itna tha ki wo ek garib or orphan tha ab wo kare v to kya kare bas god ke judgment ka wait karta ki wo uske deta ya nahi sab bolta hai jiska koi nahi uska god hota kya god uske judgment dega ?

To All the Parents I Judged: I’m Sorry


To all the parents I judged before I was a parent: I’m Sorry!



I remember all the times I gave parents a secret dirty look.

“Oh why is that kid not wearing shoes or socks? It’s freezing out!”

Listening to another tantrum in Target—on karmic end, I never gave a nasty look or made any bad comments. I usually felt bad for the kid—“Oh boy, someone’s having a bad day. I’m so glad I don’t have a kid.”

“Jesus is that kid a brat! Parents these days. They spoil kids, you know?”

I was a regular old “know-it-all” yet I had barely parented a plant.

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If You Could Save Only Eight Books

Paul Sutton Reeves

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve invited some of my favourite bloggers to share with us the books that they’d reprieve from their collections if they could save only eight of them. First up is Lauren Sapala. Lauren has an excellent blog crammed with practical advice and inspiring ideas for writing. It can be found at Before choosing her eight books, I asked Lauren to tell us a little about her writing.

I started by asking her how long she’d been writing. “Since I was a child,” she told me, “but I started seriously writing in 2006.” To date she’s written four novels and a short story collection and is working now on a fifth novel. I asked her how she’d describe her writing style and subject matter. “I write dark autobiographical fiction, and dark literary fiction. My writing deals primarily with addiction, alcoholism, and psychological dysfunction.”…

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